Tips to Create an Effective Pitch Deck


Tips to Create an Effective Pitch Deck

As business investors (similar to the investors you see on Shark Tank and Dragons Den) we review and create a lot of investor presentations and pitch decks.

Many of the presentations we see are intended to communicate to investment funding sources that you are the perfect investment opportunity, but they miss the mark. So we set out with a goal to identify a pattern of common features amongst all the BEST presentations.

Here are 4 fundamental tips we found make your pitch deck easy to read, pleasant to the eye – and most of all – quick to get to the point.

1. Keep It Simple

Avoid using designs that are distractive. Choose one that won’t overshadow the content. This also applies with the words you will use. No need to use highfalutin words. Make your sentences concise, straight to the point and easy to understand.

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2. Avoid Including Too Much Data

Focus only on important and useful details. You may keep the documents with you in case potential investors and partners ask for it but do not put everything on the presentation. It will only make your pitch deck lengthy and cluttered.

3. Prepare a PDF Format of Your Pitch Deck

Potential investors and partners might ask you to send them a copy of your pitch deck after your presentation. Do not send what you presented as is. Make sure that you have a PDF format ready to send through email.

4. How Your Pitch Deck Looks Is Important

Use fonts that are easy to read. The size of the text, color and style must be consistent all throughout. Make it look as formal as possible. In addition, make use of related images, graphics and videos as much as possible.

Samples of Effective Pitch Decks

To give you an idea, you may refer to the following samples of effective pitch decks:

  1. Airbnb
  2. LinkedIn
  4. Facebook

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